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Lash Trends with ESK| Tulsa, Oklahoma

Lash Trends with ESK!

Hey, my fabulous lash-loving fam! 💁‍♀️ Today, we're diving into the glamorous world of eyelash extensions, and I've got some exciting insights to share! Whether you're a seasoned lash pro or just a lash enthusiast like me, you won't want to miss this one. 💫

Lash extensions have taken the beauty industry by storm, and it's no secret why! We all dream of those long, fluttery lashes that make our eyes pop. But what's the deal with all the different shapes and placements? And how can we achieve those luscious looks with the help of ESK Lash Supplies? Let's spill the tea, babes! ☕

  1. Classic Elegance: The Classic Lash Look 👁️

First up, we've got the classic lash extension look. It's all about enhancing your natural beauty without going overboard. With ESK Lash Supplies, you can create a timeless and sophisticated style that'll have you looking effortlessly glam. Think Audrey Hepburn with a modern twist!

Placement tip: Single extensions are applied to each natural lash for a one-to-one ratio, giving a soft, subtle, and natural effect.

  1. The Cat Eye: Fierce and Flirty 🐱

Ready to unleash your inner feline? The Cat Eye lash extension trend is purr-fect for those who want to rock a bold and seductive look. ESK Lash Supplies offer a variety of curl types and lengths to help you nail this trend. Meow!

Placement tip: Longer extensions are applied to the outer corners of your eyes to create that captivating winged effect.

  1. Doll-Eyed Darling: Innocence Meets Glam 👀

For a sweet and doll-like gaze, turn to the Doll-Eyed Darling trend. With ESK Lash Supplies, you can achieve this charming look effortlessly. It's like having your very own set of doll lashes!

Placement tip: A mix of short and long extensions are strategically placed to open up your eyes and create a wide-eyed appearance.

  1. The Wispy Wonder: Effortless Chic 🌬️

Want to channel those effortlessly chic vibes? The Wispy Wonder trend is where it's at! ESK Lash Supplies have the perfect lashes to help you create this light and airy look. It's all about texture, baby!

Placement tip: Feathered lashes are applied in a staggered pattern, giving your lashes a natural, wispy appearance.

  1. The Drama Queen: Bold and Beautiful 💃

Feeling a little extra? Go big or go home with The Drama Queen lash trend! ESK Lash Supplies have the volume and drama you need to make a statement.

Placement tip: Multiple lightweight extensions are stacked onto a single natural lash, creating a voluminous and dramatic effect.

Now, let's talk about why ESK Lash Supplies are the real MVPs in this lash game. 🏆

  • Quality Matters: ESK Lash Supplies are known for their top-notch quality lashes that are soft, comfortable, and long-lasting. Say goodbye to those pesky lash disasters!

  • Variety Galore: Whether you're into classic, cat eye, doll-eyed, wispy, or drama queen vibes, ESK has got the lash styles and lengths to match your aesthetic.

  • Happy Clients, Happy You: With ESK Lash Supplies, you can create stunning lash extensions that will keep your clients coming back for more. Happy clients mean a happy bank account, am I right? 💰

So there you have it, my fellow lash enthusiasts! The world of eyelash extension trends is vast and exciting, and ESK Lash Supplies are your ticket to creating these jaw-dropping looks. Remember, confidence comes from within, but a killer set of lashes never hurts! 😉💅

Stay fabulous, and keep slaying those lash game goals with ESK Lash Supplies. Until next time, lash lovers! 💋💕 #LashGoals #ESKLashSupplies #LashEnvy #LashExtensions #GlamGoals

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