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Lash Upkeep with ESK| Tulsa, Oklahoma

Lash Upkeep with ESK

Hey lovelies! 💁‍♀️ If you're all about those stunning, fluttery lashes, you've come to the right place! Today, we're spilling the tea ☕ on how to maintain those mesmerizing eyelash extensions with ESK Lash Supplies for the ultimate glam look. Trust me, these tips are LIT! 🔥

  1. 💖 The ESK Lash Supplies Essentials 💖

First things first, fam: You need the right tools for the job. ESK Lash Supplies has got your back with top-quality lash products. From lashes to adhesive and everything in between, they've got you covered! 🙌

  1. 🔑 Cleanse Like a Queen 🔑

Keeping your lashes clean is key to maintaining that fabulous look! Use ESK Lash Cleanser to remove makeup, dirt, and oils. This step is essential for preventing infections and keeping your lashes in tip-top shape. Cleanse like a queen, babe! 👑

  1. ✨ Brush 'Em Out ✨

Don't neglect your lash extensions, babe! Gently brush them daily with a clean mascara wand or a lash brush from ESK Lash Supplies. This will keep them neat, untangled, and looking oh-so-fabulous! Brush it out, boo! 💁‍♀️

  1. 🌟 Beauty Sleep Matters 🌟

Beauty sleep is EVERYTHING! Avoid sleeping face down or on your lashes. Get yourself a silk pillowcase from ESK Lash Supplies – it's a game-changer! Sleeping like a queen will prevent unnecessary lash damage. Sweet dreams, beautiful! 😴

  1. 💧 Stay Hydrated 💧

Hydrated skin = healthy lashes! Drink plenty of water to keep your skin, hair, and lashes looking their best. ESK Lash Supplies even has lash-friendly mascara that won't ruin your extensions. Cheers to hydration! 🥂

  1. 🚫 Hands Off! 🚫

Hands off, babe! Avoid rubbing or pulling at your lashes. It's a no-no! ESK Lash Supplies offers a range of protective coatings to shield your lashes from oils and makeup. Keep those hands to yourself, queen! 🙅‍♀️

  1. 💨 Say No to Steamy Situations 💨

Steamy showers and saunas are a lash's worst enemy! Opt for lukewarm showers and stay away from steamy situations for a few days after your lash appointment. ESK Lash Supplies offers protective lash guards – get 'em and protect those babies! 🔥

  1. 🙌 Regular Lash Refills 🙌

Maintain the magic with regular lash refills. ESK Lash Supplies has a wide range of lash options – from natural to dramatic – so you can switch up your look. Keep 'em guessing, babe! 😉💫

  1. ✈️ Travel in Style ✈️

Traveling? Don't forget to pack your lash essentials from ESK Lash Supplies! A travel-friendly lash kit is a must for jet-setters like us. Stay fabulous, no matter where you go! 🌎✨

  1. 😍 Love Your Lashes 😍

Last but not least, love and care for your lashes like they're your BFFs! With ESK Lash Supplies in your corner, you'll have the tools you need to keep your lashes on fleek. Show 'em some love, girl! 💕

So there you have it, my lash-loving babes! Maintaining your eyelash extensions with ESK Lash Supplies is a piece of cake. Follow these tips, and you'll be turning heads and slaying the lash game wherever you go! 💅🔥

Tag your lash-loving besties and let them in on the secret to flawless lashes with ESK Lash Supplies. Stay glam, stay fabulous, and always be on fleek! 😘✨ #LashGameStrong #ESKLashSupplies #LashQueen #GlamLife

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